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Tanya C. DePass
4 min readDec 21, 2020
Fan art by RemmieLeeArt

I keep starting a thank you thread for @MotherlandsRPG and the feels just keep hitting. There may be a permanent waterfall installed in here. Each tweet, each fanart, each note telling us how much Mother Lands means to people starts the tears right back up.

I’m struggling with words to convey what the last few months mean to me. What the amazing crew means to me and how folks reaction to the show and game has been the most amazing thing to see in this dumpster fire of a year.

Bertrand by Nortara

Thank you to @GlossandGadgets for making sure the stream ran smoothly each week. For the the awesome trailer Leoni gifted to us at the start of last night’s finale.

Thank you to @DMJazzyHands for being the best damn storyteller and game master that led us on a wonderful adventure each week.

Official art of Eugenio by PleasantlyTwstd

Huge thanks to @ThatBronzeGirl for giving us the wild ride we went on, and for Bertrand, the best Engineer we could ask for in all the galaxy.

Even though Sunday was a long, long day with back to back shows; knowing I’d get to see @KrystinaArielle @DeejayKnight @MichaelCrits & @DMJazzyHands made me eager for call time and to see people I admire & adore. To play in a world of our making and it’s the best feeling ever.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the stream mods who managed the chat, kept us safe, ran giveaways and more each week. Especially with front page numbers. Thank you all so, so, so much. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work.

To @BDaveWalters thank you for being my brother, friend, hype man and family. A lot of this wouldn’t have come together without you good ser. Thank you for your leadership and cat herding, especially in the midst of a chaotic year. I still owe you for those creatures tho!

Special thanks to one of my dearest friends, and who’s put up with me for a long time, @urbanbohemian for giving us our amazing intro voice over & doing an ad on #TheAdventureZone

To our talented dev team, @GabeJamesGames, @LaTiaJacquise, @BDaveWalters, @ThatBronzeGirl, @SharangBiswas, @pleasantlytwstd &@blackoni Thank you for bringing the Mother Lands to life in word & art.

Thanks to @CortexRPG for letting take Cortex Prime for a very pubic and extended test drive with our world. We got to build how to run around in the Mother Lands on the foundation of Cortex Prime. Thanks to @BlueMicrophones for making us sound great every week and the support of our wild venture. #BlueMicCrew Thanks to @dieharddice for the support, for making our skies Musalian blue and for building Cortex sets tuned to everyone on the crew. #Dicefiliate

Thanks to @Twitch for supporting and funding the stream. We pay folks in House Cypher and without that fiscal support, #MotherLandsRPG wouldn’t have happened. So thank you to everyone that made it happened.

Thank you to @DiceyAmazons & @CriticalBard for Back to the Motherlands, a recap and discussion show on the Dicey Amazos channel every Wednesday. Thank you for caring so much about our work to want to revisit every week. ❤

The biggest thank you to our communities that showed up every week to see what Eugenio has in store for us. Thank you to everyone who did fan art, who tweeted at us, thanked us for the show and the game. Who continue to talk up the show and our work as we keep working on the game.

fanart by RemmieLeeArt

How to Support Into the Mother Lands

Please enjoy the VODs on Twitch [] and YouTube

If podcasts are more your thing, then stay a while and listen over at Simplecast

Lastly if you want to support the show and cast monetarily:

You can get merch from @TeePublic Let us Treat Each Other Luxuriously for example

We also have some great stuff on our official @MotherlandsRPG merch shop on @DesignByHumans including an exclusive Ikemba design by @RemmieLeeArt

If you like dice, you can support us by buying the Musalian Skies set from @dieharddice

Lastly, we have a ko-fi set up for the show. Anything received will go back into the show, covering miscellaneous costs and paying for our podcast hosting of the show.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Everyone involved who has said a kind word, boosted, shared, shown up. Thank you all so, so much. We couldn’t have made this work without all of you. ❤



Tanya C. DePass

INDG Founder, cast Rivals of Waterdeep, Mother Lands RPG Creative Director, diversity & inclusion consultant, freelance rpg dev, speaker & Twitch Partner